«From a bun to a real doll»: this is how the girl who was the fattest in the USA looks now

A native of the USA broke the record for weight among girls.🧐😳

Sometimes mothers pamper their kids and feed them with different goodies.

Today’s story is about a girl whose life has changed after the TV show. Now Jessica is 25 years old and she is almost unrecognizable.

When she was 7 years old the whole world knew about her. She ended up in a TV show and even began to be invited to various other programs on TV channels.

Viewers saw her and were simply shocked. The child weighed 222 kg, then she turned the fattest girl in the USA. She ate very healthy food with gigantic portions.

The worst thing is that after half an hour she was again hungry, and no one refused to food her because she threw terrible tantrums.

She received 10,000 calories a day with a norm of about 1800. When she was 4 years old, she already weighed 100 kg. She began to have difficulties in her life, she could not move and her bones were already deformed.

She was so fat that her legs could no longer support her weight and she could no longer walk because of being overweight. She lived with all the difficulties.

At the age of 7, she could no longer stand and do very simple actions. She could not do simple things because it all caused shortness of breath.

Fortunately, she managed to lose weight. But at first, the girl resisted treatment because she could not understand why they were doing this to her, why she was not allowed to eat everything that she always ate.

She began to play sports; she had classes with a psychologist and could struggle with her excess weight. A year and a half later she looked at life in a different way. Jessica was able to lose 140 kg.

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