The Hilarious Tale of a Dog’s Unbelievably Filthy Transformation

From head to toe, he was staying with some unimaginably filthy substance.🤗🤗

One day a man decided to go for a walk with his dog. Then he decided to clean up the house a little and left the dog alone to run and feel pleasure.

The owner did not even suspect what would happen then. When the dog returned he was completely unrecognizable.

Half an hour ago the dog was white but now something has changed. The dog was stained green, he was dirty and at that moment the owner was not even confused. Before washing off all this dirt from the dog, he took the phone and took a picture of him.

He posted photos on social networks and wrote «It was-became».

This post became viral all over the Internet and got more than 25.000 likes.

All wrote funny comments about the dog. People even tried to understand why the dog got so dirty like that in a few minutes.

Many thought that this color was from the grass but some thought that the grass with juice isn’t capable to give the green color. This reason remained unknown, but of course funny.

Whatever our cute pets do, dogs remain our inseparable friends.

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