Sharon Stone’s never seen before photos of her house go viral on the Internet

This is what Stone’s house looks like.🧐🧐

The actress has taken to social media to share a private look into her house.

She shared a photo on her birthday as the fans were given a glimpse of her place of living.

She has recently turned 65 years old and marking her birthday with a post on social media she shared a photo of herself in black printed silk pajamas. The actress held a number of balloons that read “Happy Birthday” and was seen wearing wax red candy lips.

Fans were surprised not just by the fake lips but also by the interior design of her house.

In the photo, at the back, you could see shelves with books and numerous ornaments such as dolls and other things.

She shared the photo with a lovely caption as she wrote that she is grateful for the life that she has.

Fans were quick to leave comments as one wrote: “Wax your lips”.

Meanwhile the other said: “Happy birthday! Because of this, we adore you.”

Sharon has three kids, Roan, Laird, and Quinn, who live with her.


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