«Terrible skirt»: Keira Knightley shows up in public with “hairy” legs

This is what Knightley wore which has got fans talking.🧐😳

Recently the actress has surprised everyone with her appearance. She has a unique taste in fashion and it has got the fans talking.

The 38-year-old was recently chosen to represent Chanel perfumes and serve as Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration.

However, it is not always that she appears in public with something that everyone would gladly wear.

The actress was seen wearing a gray hoodie and a flowy skirt covered in feathers. She finished her look with black heels.

Her appearance caught the attention of many on the internet.

“City Crazy,” one person said. Meanwhile the other added: “Terrible skirt, she shortened her legs”.

“Why is this skirt and sweater together?” another one stated.

Another person said: “I thought I saw the chest, or was I mistaken?”

Hollywood star’s fans have noticed that she has lost weight as her face has dropped, her chest has disappeared and her ribs were visible.

Some fans think that she has anorexia.


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