«They can even sway»: that’s how the Swedes came up with a great idea to make waiting comfortable

This stop is completely open and there is not a single bench on it.👍👍

Almost everyone in the world at least once stood for a long time at the bus stop and waited for the bus. It’s terrible especially when the weather is cold and windy.

Of course, it’s quite unpleasant, right?

In a Swedish city, they came up with a completely unique idea to create a unique bus stop. In order to brighten up the waiting they came up with this stop in Umeå. There is not even a single bench and this of course surprises, especially the tourists.

There are wooden rotating canopies that are attached to the roof. These canopies can even sway.

Every person can lean on this canopy to hide inside when the weather is rainy or windy and just retire. When the bus is already very close the lights turn on on the roof and music starts to sound. So a person understands that the transport is already approaching.

If the bus goes to the city, then a certain melody sounds and if to the glass factory, then all passengers will hear sounds resembling a glass chime.

All residents of the city already know this, but many questions arise about why there are no seats at the bus stop

The authors of the project say that in cold weather people do not really want to sit and they prefer to stand.

We hope that such convenient unique bus stops will appear all over the world. Because this way people feel comfortable and it makes our life at least a little more convenient. Did you like the stop?

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