«From plump woman to pretty bride»: she decided to lose 60 kg for the sake of a wedding photoshoot

The girl decided that she did not want to be a fat bride.😱🤗

It is very difficult for almost every one of us to change something in our life. But when we have willpower and an incentive, we will of course immediately change what we don’t like.

With this, we need a lot of support, of course.

Everyone who wants to at least one day to lose weight knows very well that a breakdown is inevitable.

This girl’s name is Sophie Matheson. She knows this problem very well. She is 28 years old and she has never tried to lose weight in her life.

She gained two times more weight after a breakdown and despaired of losing weight.

But her life completely changed when her boyfriend proposed. After that, the girl decided that she did not want to become a fat bride so for the sake of her beloved, for the sake of the wedding she decided to do it.

Her weight was 130 kg and she decided that she wanted to buy a beautiful wedding dress for herself and not a huge and shapeless thing.

There were already 3 months left and she had to lose weight during these 3 months. She had a lot of work!

Sophie found a good coach and started training. The girl went to the gym three times a week and performed all the tasks.

Among the tasks, she did cardio exercises and supplemented them with a strength complex. Her coach always helped the girl and they chose the right diet for her.

Three months later Sophie looked just incredibly gorgeous and she changed herself completely. She became a very beautiful bride. After that, she proudly posed in all wedding photos.

«Now I feel great! I am confident and my husband is also proud of me. I can buy any clothes for myself. When I was fat it was very difficult for me. I will always keep myself in shape», says Sophie.

Now she has her blog on social networks and teaches other people,  supports girls, and shows her example to everyone. This way she proves that if a person has a goal, he/she will definitely achieve it.

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