«For 40 years she was a man»: she pretended to be a man for so many years for the sake of her daughter

The woman had to work many jobs to feed her daughter.😱🧐

Every mother is ready to do anything for their children. This woman named Sisi lives in Egypt. She pretended to be a man for more than 40 years.

She wore men’s clothes to work and feed her daughter.

This was all the reason that she got married at 16 but when she was pregnant she lost her husband.

Then in order to be able to feed herself and her girl she had to work.

40 years ago in Egypt, women were not allowed to work. So this woman decided to dress as a man and thus find a job for herself because no one had to feed them.

The woman had to work at many jobs. At first, she even worked at a construction site where she carried bricks, then she changed her job and worked in the fields where she harvested crops.

Now this woman is cleaning her shoes and sits at the station. Her earnings are about 10 pounds a day. This is even less than a dollar.

This woman was able to build her own house even with this money.

Her daughter was under the supervision of her grandmother all the time. Now she didn’t need to pretend to be a man because now there are no such laws and women can also work. But she is used to wearing men’s clothes for 40 years and now it is even more difficult for her to wear women’s clothes.

In 2015, the government decided to award her the «Ideal Motherhood» award.

After the woman became famous all over the world with the help of journalists, she was able to get a license and work.

Despite this fame, this woman continues to work hard so that her daughter does not need anything.

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