«Commendable act of the boys»: the guys decided to shave their heads to support the sick grandfather

Everyone liked this idea except the administration of the school.🥺🥺

Once there was a wonderful and touching story in which the heroes were 15-year-old Ethan and 13-year-old brother Callum. They decided to shave their heads in order to support their grandfather. This idea, of course, simply conquered everyone except the administration of the school where they studied.

A man from South Wales lost his hair due to chemotherapy but after a bone marrow transplant. His wonderful grandchildren Ethan and Callum decided to shave their heads to look like their grandfather.

The boy’s mother was just proud of her wonderful sons. «I was sure that this was a heroic act, especially at their age», the mother of the boys said.

It seemed that everyone would be proud of these boys, but it happened so not everyone thinks that way.

The administration of the school where the teenagers studied didn’t like their actions. The boys were told that they could not come to school with such hairstyles, this haircut attracts too much attention.

The ill grandfather didn’t even convince the teachers. The boys’ class teacher asked their mom why her sons didn’t wait for the holidays.

«Of course, I immediately explained that they wanted to do this for their grandfather who is in isolation and is being treated. I was sure that they would praise my boys for courage», mother said.

The boys’ mother talked about it on social media and the post immediately went viral. Over a thousand people commented on the post. Users all supported the boys and called them real heroes.

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