«He was alone for 40 years»: this unique man decided to plant a huge forest alone

This section was not known to the authorities if not for an interesting case.🧐👍👍

Sometimes such natural phenomena occur in the world. This area used to be a forest but it gradually turned into a wasteland.

This man saw injured reptiles in this area and this became the impetus for a creative idea.

This area was washed by the river. It turned into a wasteland and under the influence of erosion, the island began to collapse.

In 1980, the government of India launched a program, and this man immediately took part in this program.

The man devoted all the years to the participants of this program and planted a lot of trees.

After the state completed the project, the man remained on this island. He decided that he would continue to plant trees and protect the forest.

The largest number of trees that grow on the island is bamboo. And in the forest, there are already different birds, rhinos, and even other animals. Tens of thousands of different plants and trees grow there.

After this area was inhabited by animals, poachers tried to arrange a hunt, but the man informed about this the authorities, and the perpetrators were punished.

This area was not known to anyone before.

In 2008, the employees visited the forest and were simply shocked. There was really beautiful nature. They informed them about the man and the authorities.

In 2012, they invited him to give an award. After the name of this man became known to the whole world everyone recognized him on the streets.

In 2015, he was awarded a State Award for such achievements and contributions. They even made a wonderful film about the Indian activist and named the island in his honor.

Now the territory has an area of ​​​​550 hectares. As it was noted the forest is named after this man. He plans to plant a forest on another deserted riverbank.

The man does not receive any finance from this activity. He lives in an ordinary hut in the same forest with his family.

The only income is the buffaloes which he raises and receives meat and milk from these animals. He sells milk and meat and uses the rest for food.

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