«Unrealistically big eyes in the world»: the model surprised everyone with her unique eye sizes

Such an outstanding appearance was inherited from her father.😍😍

Very often in the world are born unique children who differ from their peers. Each model has her own unusual feature, thanks to which she becomes a model and has a lot of fans.

This girl’s name is Maria. She is from Ukraine and already she has a lot of fans. Everyone recognized the girl as the owner of the largest eyes in the world.

Her image is one of the main trends in the beauty industry. Most of the brands want to cooperate with those models who have a non-standard appearance.

In addition, there are a lot of subscribers who followed such girls, and sometimes millions of followers are interested in their unusual beauty.

People thought that she uses Photoshop or some filters. They think that her eyes are unreal and in real life such big eyes cannot be.

However, she does not worry about these comments and criticism. Instead, she always uploads her photos where she is captured from different angles both in professional photos and ordinary ones.

She says that the unique appearance she has inherited her appearance from her father. She never did plastic surgeries.

The number of subscribers is growing more and more every day. The girl is popular not only because of her appearance. For several years she has been making art and recording videos for her microblog.

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