«Vitiligo dolls for self-esteem»: this 64-year-old man knits dolls with a skin disease that helps sick children

These unique dolls are not simple but vitiligo dolls.👏🥹🥹

In the world, an unusual unique Brazilian man named Joao lives. He loves to knit, but of course, his work is not easy. He knits dolls, not simple ones, but vitiligo dolls.

This is the disease that the 64-year-old man has. The man faced a lot of difficulties, both social and psychological, and after that, he decided to help all other children who have the same disease.

Vitiligo is a skin pigmentation disease when white spots appear on the body. This does not affect health, but of course, it can cause insecurities when the disease especially covers the entire face and other visible parts of the body.

Our hero of this story has been ill for 30 years and in adulthood he experienced discomfort. What can we say about children who are ill with this disease?

For them of course it’s very difficult to be in the environment. When this man had free time, he and his wife began to knit.

At first, it was difficult but now it is a simple form to do this. The first doll he made for his granddaughter. And after that, an interesting idea came to his mind.

Now a man knits interesting unique dolls and even he knits toys for disabled children so that they feel confident and normal people like everyone else.

Don’t you agree with us that this is a great story? What do you think of this man?

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