«The most dangerous paths to school»: this is how children get to school and how they pass the way

In some cases, the way to school can be very dangerous.🧐😱

Sometimes there are cases where students have great difficulties getting to school. For these children, the way to school is one of the most difficult things in their lives.

There are places where children have to overcome very dangerous obstacles just to get to school. In some cases, these ways are very dangerous.

In China, there is a village named Gulu. Here the children have to cross narrow paths less than a meter wide to reach the school which is very dangerous and takes them 5 hours. Can you imagine how the children go there in rainy weather?

Meanwhile, in another village, the children have to climb vertical bamboo ladders, and this way they get to their school every day. It’s a journey that is of course only for climbers.

There are even paths in India where children have to cross snow-capped mountains to get to school. In Colombia, they just ride the cable car. It is very dangerous for all the children. Every day they pass these ways.

In Indonesia, the students get to school by boat because of the swampy terrain.

Unfortunately, not all children can go to school in remote areas. The journeys can be too dangerous and the children couldn’t focus on their studies. The parents do not always have time to take their children to school.

As a result, many children in such remote areas don’t finish school or don’t attend school at all. They cannot receive an education due to location.

Will you send your children to school this way?

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