«People are afraid to look at me»: this man surprised the whole world with his appearance

This guy looks like a real work of art.🧐

There is a man in France named Sylvian. He has a social media account where he posts unique photos of his whole body fully covered in tattoos.

This guy looks like some kind of art. It’s interesting how he works because his body is covered in tattoos. It turned out that the man works at a school as a primary teacher.

This fact, of course, surprises everyone. With this unique body, children see him every day. The fact is that, in addition to his work at school, he is also a model, so he is always a guest at tattoo art exhibitions.

If professionals admire tattoos, then in ordinary life not everyone likes tattoos.

«When I walk in public places everyone looks at me with an unusual reaction. They lower their eyes and are even afraid to look at me».

Sylvian got tattoos when he lived in the UK. At first, he started with arms, legs, and chest. Then when he went to France he covered his body with different tattoos.

Sylvian was also embarrassed and he hid everything with clothes. But when the whole body was covered with tattoos, he realized that there was no point in hiding them.

When he was in the UK the attitude towards people with tattoos was not always favorable. So he feels much better in France.

«As a French citizen, I can do whatever I want with myself. All the people I meet when I go to work my colleagues, parents, and children are already used to it. Some adults of course can say something behind my back but children very easily accept me as I am».

His body is as if some big picture. All the tattoos on the body have meaning. The left side of the body is dedicated to rock and roll, and the right side is dedicated to Japanese culture. On the arms and legs, Buddha’s evolution is depicted.

His photo on social media attracted the attention of all people. This teacher and model increased his self-esteem and even different producers decided to offer him roles in films.

He could play the role of a soldier, villain, or partygoer in films. Sylvian would like more people to treat him better, whose body is completely covered in tattoos.

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