«Is it right to be at school at that age?»: 99-year-old woman decided to study and for her, it is never too late

When she turned 99 she decided to catch up.🧐

In our world sometimes there are cases when children do everything possible to get permission from their parents to go to school. Of course, it’s interesting, but this also happens on our planet.

But there are some pupils who don’t understand how valuable knowledge is and how lucky they are to have the opportunity to attend school.

Here is a woman who lives in Argentina. She didn’t go to school when she was a child but when she was 99 she decided that she would change everything in her life. Her name is Leonor, she had a very difficult childhood. She couldn’t do anything as a child because they had financial problems which were not even enough for food.

She lost her mother and everything became even worse and it happened when Leonor was young and she was learning to write and read but it was such a life situation that the girl left school and began to help the family.

Only now she is already free and decided to finally devote time to herself and get knowledge.

She went to an adult school and was ready to be the oldest of all. Her classmates didn’t laugh at her on the contrary, they are just delighted that she is an elderly woman and decided to study again.

Despite her age, she didn’t miss a single lesson. Now, of course, everything is more difficult than before, because still she is an old woman and says that her memory often fails her.

She only learned the class schedule, but while she was going home, she managed to forget everything. Her teacher understands all this well because the woman is very old. And because of this, the teacher is trying to pay a lot of attention to this student.

She even meets a woman in front of the school and escorts her home. The most interesting thing is that difficulties have never frightened this woman.

She is very glad that she has had the opportunity to learn to read and write and now she plans to start learning how to use a computer. She is a great example and evidence that if a person has a goal he/she will achieve that goal.

So if someone wants to take up dancing or learn a foreign language or some other new profession it’s never too late.

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