«Breakup with Jolie has depressed him»: the image of Jolie’s ex-husband Brad Pitt surprised all his fans

The actor appeared on the red carpet in a skirt.🤔🧐

Not for the first time, Brad Pitt surprises fans. As always, he gave a reason to discuss him and at the same time admire his image at the Red Carpet ceremony. This time his appearance was even funny and unforgettable.

The ex-husband of Angelina Jolie has always surprised everyone with his elections. This was no exception. The actor appeared on the red carpet in a skirt and showed tattoos on his legs.

The audience looked at him with great astonishment. He was wearing two shirts, one dark pink and the other dark brown.

With this, he wore tough boots. He also added jewelry to his image that complemented his outfit. On his fingers, there were two rings, and he wore brown sunglasses.

His smile of course did not leave anyone indifferent. The fans were just shocked. Some even joked that Brad Pitt was depressed and he probably asked Angelina for her clothes. It really seems that he was depressed because he said that he didn’t recognize people because of his illness.

He broke up with Jolie and it all depressed him, which was evident from the chosen clothes. Everyone discussed his appearance for a very long time.

We hope that everything is in order with his health and we are waiting for his new image.

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