«Natural talent»: Drop whatever you are doing and watch this cat play the piano

The way the cat plays the piano will make your day.😍

Winslow is a fat cat who has a good sense of music and a greater need for sugary treats.

Kate Nyx is the owner of the little creature and as she is a musician, she owns many musical instruments including a children-sized piano which is the perfect size for a cat as well.

When he was little he liked pawing the keys of the piano.


Nyx revealed that he would hit the keys and try to find where the music came from.

The cat’s excitement for the music later reached new heights.

Over the years the cat gained weight, which was too much for his age. So the vet told Nyx to put him on a diet.

She mastered a plan as she split his meals into little amounts throughout the day and used the piano to ‘earn’ them. She says that her plan worked really well.

And as a result of this, the cat gained a love for the piano.

Winslow now uses the piano when he is hungry and plays on it on a regular basis.

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