«This is the ugliest hairstyle»: Olivia Wilde’s New Haircut Receives Mixed Reactions from Fans

Fans have been reacting to Wilde’s new hairstyle.🧐🤔

Olivia Wilde got a haircut that didn’t impress her followers.

Her name has been circulating around and has been linked with many controversies. One of the biggest topics on the internet was her relationship with Harry Style as she, as a director of a movie, cast him in her movie.

Following the breakup, it seems that the actress is now focusing on herself, her body, her looks, and her work.

She has recently been photographed going to a gym. The actress was seen with a terrible haircut.

Fans were quick to react to the photos of her in a new hairstyle. One wrote: “She looks terrible. Meanwhile the other added: “This is the ugliest hairstyle I’ve ever seen”. Third one remarked: “Some kind of unwashed, dirty”.


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