«Fans recommend her to get a job as a clown»: model Hailey Bieber is laughed at because of one feature of her appearance

Here are how fans reacted to Hailey’s appearance.🧐🧐

Once photos of the famous model Hailey changed the attitude of fans towards the star. In the comments, everyone wrote different things under the photos of Hailey Bieber.

There are some fans who do not want her to be the wife of Justin Bieber and they thought that one of the reasons is the size of the foot in the posted photos on social networks.

She wore shoes that visually lengthen the foot. Her feet were just gigantic in the photo and the fans decided to just make fun of her.

How can a woman be feminine with such a foot size?

«You can be a real clown», «She is not feminine at all and looks like a man of that size», and «You can even go around the whole planet in a week», wrote many fans.

But of course, there are those who just hate that Justin and Hailey are together.

«You should leave Justin. After you got married his soul disappeared. Already all the good times are over. 5 years later you will only use him to advertise your brand. You don’t suit him at all. He had a disease and he survived but the doctors cured him not for you», wrote one Internet user.

Recently, many did not like the hatred of Hailey to Justin’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. However, then the model explained that she had nothing to do with this.

«I don’t want that, I will never support hateful people. For me, this is not support. Get away from me, please be kind and just shut up».

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