What He Has Done is Unbelievble! This Man’s Extraordinary Act in the Intensive Care Unit Left Everyone Speechless

This man became famous all over the world for his kindness.🧐😊

He was recognized by people thanks to the mother of a premature baby. The boy was born with a weight of 1 kg. He could only survive in intensive care.

He could not be with the baby because at home she had another one. The house was two hours from the hospital. Mother came to see her baby every day. Of course, it was very difficult for Mary because the baby was all alone in these difficult moments.

Once when she came to see her baby, she saw the child in the arms of some old man.

The child felt good and comfortable. They looked like grandfather and grandson. Mary just began to cry because it was very touching.

So the man got his middle name «grandfather from intensive care».

For almost 12 years he worked in intensive care as a volunteer. He started doing this when he retired. He had such a decision which was just wonderful for him and for the babies.

Once he was in the hospital and as a sociable person met mothers whose children were treated there. At first, he helped people to be accepted and then became an official volunteer.

Twice a week he always came to the hospital and always says that they do not regret his decision. At first, the man talked to mothers whose children were hospitalized.

Sometimes even his conversation brought great relief to mothers who were under severe stress. And on the Internet, everyone wrote good comments.

He helped parents and children cope with a difficult situation. He helped everyone eat, take procedures, and calmed both mothers and children.

All the man’s friends shared his desires and he smiled in response saying: «They don’t understand what I feel here».

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