«The Impact of His Deed is Incredible! » Unbelievable Hero Saves Over 2 Million Babies with His Unique Blood

His act allowed more than 2 million babies to be born healthy.🧐🥹

In our time, there are very few people who want to help others. Every donor is a real hero because he/she saves human lives and there are those who even remain in the shadows.

The hero of our story is a man named James who is from Australia. He donated blood 1173 times. His act helped many babies to be born healthy.

The man was born in 1936. He was a very ordinary boy and never had a serious illness. Then when he was 14 years old his life was changed.

He was in the hospital and the doctors fought for his life.

James underwent breast surgery. Of course, it was a very difficult time for him and his family.

The doctors used 13 liters of blood to save James’ life. Then after three months of treatment and rehabilitation, the man left the hospital.

He swore that he would become a donor and save lives. James the first once gave blood in 1954. During this, it suddenly became clear that he was very afraid of needles.

This was a real fear. But of course, the man did not stop because he promise and had to make this decision. The decision became very important for many children.

The doctors found out that his blood has an unusual composition that contains immunoglobulin. This is necessary for the treatment of pregnancy complications developing due to the incompatibility of the blood of the mother and the child.

This is necessary for the treatment of erythroblastosis in newborn babies. The plasma donated by this man is used for producing an anti-D vaccine.

For example, if a woman has blood with a negative Rh factor, but the father has a positive, then this causes complications.

It is clear that the child follows the father’s Rh factor. And then the mother’s immune system begins to «fight» with the baby in the womb.

When James found out about this, he decided to donate blood every 2 weeks. Among those who avoided problems thanks to this man was his daughter.

This is an ordinary person who lived all his life in New South Wales and became a real angel for millions of babies.

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