«As if not from this family»: this is what a boy looks like who has an albino father

An albino musician and a beauty model create a beautiful family together.🤗

“Once upon a time, a boy was born in the world who was different from all his peers. He was an albino. He is now married and has a wonderful family. Even a child was born in their family. They are reminiscent of characters from a beautiful love story.

A talented musician who lives in Georgia, he was born with albinism. Then he met a beauty model.

Soon they fell in love and then decided that they should have a wedding.

They played a beautiful wedding in 2018 in the Georgian traditional style. A year later a child was born in the family.

Of course, everyone even parents were very interested in what their baby would be like, maybe he would also inherit his father’s uniqueness.

The fans were looking forward to a baby in this family. But everyone was sure that the child would be just wonderful.

Months passed and they became the parents of a sweet boy who was named Beruka.

The child was born without albinism, he was an ordinary person, like others. He looks like a mother, but of course, a smile is like that of a unique father.

His photos appeared on social networks and gained 1,000 likes and good comments. It is impossible to look at this family without surprise.

In 2020, the child turned one year old.

The father of the baby is the son of the former Prime Minister of Georgia. His family has four children, but only he and his younger brother were born with albinism.

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