«This is how she understood cosmetic surgery»: real mannequin with the most non-standard figure options

This woman always disliked almost something about herself.🧐

This woman always found something that she didn’t like about herself. Her name is Allegra Cole. She always dreamed of becoming a mannequin.

She thought that she was ugly and all people hated her appearance. Then at the age of 30, she decided to do cosmetic surgery.

After the first operation, she has already dependent. Allegra could no longer live with small things that she didn’t like.

She had six plastic surgeries and after that was considered a completely different person. She has an enormous bust but nevertheless, Allegra is sad. She is going to do several more surgeries to achieve her dream and to have a perfect figure.

In the network, there were photos from her past. People saw how she looked before such operations.

She was a normal attractive woman.

But then after all this, she turned into a freak. Now she feels very happy and self-confident. According to her, she is very beautiful.

What do you think? Is she beautiful or not?

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