«Smart boy with autism»: the smallest physicist named Jacob has an IQ higher than that of Einstein

In the beginning, they said that it is unlikely that he even ties his shoes.🧐🤗

Children with unique abilities are born in the world. Once Jacob was born and he had autism which his parents found out at the age of 2.

The doctors said that he had problems and a lot of work had to be invested in order for the child to comprehend at least elementary skills. They said that he would not even tie his shoes. Of course, after that, the mother followed the advice of doctors and sent him to a special school.

Unfortunately, she saw regression. The boy was isolated and spoke less. But then mother turned out to be a strong person. She decided to teach her son on her own.

Mom was able to teach her son to do different things on his own. His intellectual progress turned out to be very great that he even developed incredibly quickly.

They gave an IQ test and it showed that his IQ was even higher than Einstein’s. The boy enrolled at Indiana University at the age of 11.

Today he is the youngest astrophysicist who conquered the whole world. His professors say that his knowledge is very deep.

They say that the theory concerns one of the most difficult problems in the field of astrophysics and theoretical physics.

This story proves that those diagnoses that experts made are diagnoses. If he wants, he will achieve everything, it just needs to be done with love and patience. According to his mother, Jacob needs strength to overcome problems with autism.

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