«It seems old age is passing her by»: Kim Cattrall revealed the secret that she makes beauty injections

The 66-year-old actress revealed that she uses Botox and fillers.🤔

The famous star Kim Cattrall became known for her role in the «Sex and the City». Recently she revealed the secret of how she always looks so young. The 66-year-old actress said that she always does Botox and fillers to look young.

She told her fans that since she is already over 60 she wants to fight in different ways with aging. She says that now there are many treatments available such as Botox and fillers that help to look beautiful.

According to her, the importance of choosing a surgeon and the necessary funds is the most important thing during these procedures. If a person chooses the right surgeon, then everything will be fine.

The star said that she just admires older actresses like Judi Dench who accept their age and accept their wrinkles and thinks that a forehead without wrinkles does not show a lived life.

The famous actress previously reported that she would no longer participate in the «Sex and the City» project. But then after that, she decided to return, citing reasons not related to financial incentives.

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