«Supermodel and a successful entrepreneur»: here is a wonderful couple with Down syndrome

This young and bright couple with Down syndrome conquered the whole world.🤗

Every person on this planet always dreams of having different achievements in their lives, but sometimes it happens that it is simply impossible to fulfill dreams.

There are circumstances and personal qualities that prevent people from achieving their goals.

But each person must be sure of one thing: if there is a goal, then in every way a person must achieve this goal.

These wonderful people about whom our story today proves this. A young couple with Down syndrome became famous all over the world and they were able to fulfill their dreams.

The girl’s name is Sofia and the man’s name is Chris. They are a wonderful couple with an interesting life.

The girl works as a supermodel for Victoria’s Secret. Nothing prevented her from being so famous.

Being Down was not a problem for her to achieve her goal and prove to the whole world that dreams come true.

Sofia became a model and even her photos are already on the covers of magazines.

She always travels all over the world and always takes very beautiful photos. She is one of the most requested models with Down syndrome.

Her boyfriend is also a very strong person. He runs his own company. The man has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs with Down syndrome.

This beautiful story is proof that a person should do anything he/she wants.

If a person has hope, positivity, and enthusiasm, then he/she will achieve his/her goal.

Every time when deep down a person feels defeated, then everything will be great. They have never been sad; they have never given up on life. They have always struggled, they have always looked forward and they had goals and did their best to fulfill all their desires.

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