«She recently set a world record»: a unique 17-year-old girl became famous for her high legs

It is amazing that she is 17 years old and her legs will keep growing high.🧐🥹

For almost all the girls in the world, there is a dream to have long beautiful legs. It turned out that the girl is even bored that has long legs.

She set a record for the longest legs in the world, her name is Maki Karrin who lives in the USA.

This 17-year-old girl surprised the whole world with the length of her legs. The length is 208 cm. But of course, it is amazing that she is 17 years old and her legs are still growing.

The most interesting thing is that one leg is 135.3 cm and the other is 134.3 cm. She has already set a world record for this title.

The difference between her legs is of course due to her physiological feature. This does not cause any difficulties for her.

Of course, it is always difficult to get through the doors. Maki always says that it’s nice when she’s not touching the chandeliers. There is no comfortable place for her.

Even the shops don’t sell comfortable clothes for her size. She always orders clothes for her wardrobe.

According to her, she’s only lucky in basketball. Now she attends in athletics school but dreams of playing in a professional basketball team.

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