«Fans of Irina Shayk are simply indignant»: the beauty went to school to pick up her daughter in a revealing outfit

Hardly anyone would have paid attention to this if it had not been unbuttoned top.😱🧐

Beautiful Irina Shayk is one of those celebrities who was ready to come to any event in a revealing outfit. She surprised everyone this time too.

If she puts on modest closed clothes, it will surprise all the fans more than such clothes. The parents of the school were not ready to see her in such a bold image.

Instead of the usual tracksuit, she decided to wear denim. But everything should have been fine if it wasn’t for the unbuttoned top.

Many fans did not like her outfit at all because it was not the outfit in which she was supposed to appear at school.

«Who dresses like this to pick up a child from school?», wrote a fan.

«Even a little daughter covers her face, she is embarrassed by her mother», wrote another commenter.

«It seems the older stars get, the fewer they wear», one of the commentators joked.

Some even worried about her because Irina Shayk catches hate. Her subscribers criticized her poses in photos that are posted on social networks. Even her photographer was also criticized.

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