«He stayed forever young»: this unique man looks very young but in fact, he could become a grandfather

Recently, the photographer revealed her secrets of youth.🧐

The name of this unique photographer who lives in Singapore is Chuando Tan. When we look at him immediately we think he is 20-30 years old but he is really 57 years old. Chuando recently revealed the secret of youth.

His photos show that in 2023 he looks like in the 1980s, he does not change at all.

Tan believes that the well-being and appearance of each person depend on their diet. Every person should lead a healthy lifestyle. For breakfast, he eats six boiled eggs.

But it’s not so easy, out of six eggs, he eats only the yolks of two.

His morning menu includes a glass of milk and avocados. He eats chicken, rice, vegetables, and fish. The man has, of course, a weakness: he loves to eat ice cream. However, he only eats sweets in the morning.

Man uses moisturizing creams and gels for washing. He occasionally dyes his hair because gray hair makes it feel.

Man does not eat five or six hours before bedtime, he goes to bed no later than 11:00 o’clock and of course, gets up early. These are the main things that help him look young.

Man always does what he likes. He loves to take pictures and enjoys his job. Who knows, maybe he does what he likes and this is the secret of youth.

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