From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Mariam’s Inspiring Story of Raising 38 Children

She gained fame due to the fact that she became a mother of many children.🧐🥺😳

In our world things happen that surprise us. The heroine of our story is a 39-year-old woman, her name is Mariam. In Uganda, almost everyone knows about her.

She became famous and the reason for this is that she has a lot of children.

Probably people will immediately think that she gave birth to four or no more than seven babies, but people can’t even imagine that she became the mother of thirty-eight children.

Someone considers her a real hero but does not understand why she decided to do that.

The woman has received the title of «the most fertile woman». All the children were born naturally. About all the problems, all the difficulties the woman never complained.

Now and the youngest child is already 5 months old. Mariam got married at 13. Unfortunately, her husband always offended her.

When the journalists found out about this woman they opened an account and kind people began to send money so that she could raise her children.

«It’s not good at all for me. I’m sorry», «Of course this is an amazing story», «It’s her life and she decides what to do in her life», «We shouldn’t discuss it», «It’s real happiness and joy, but there must be some kind of pause», «Even animals do not have so many babies», people commented.

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