Beyond Expectations: The Unbelievable Story of Six Sisters Born in a Single Autumn

In the autumn of 1983, six girls were born in this family.🧐😳🤗

This wonderful family really wanted to have children for almost 12 years. They couldn’t have babies. They had unsuccessful attempts and finally, after so many years, they became parents.

During pregnancy, a woman went to the hospital and what the doctor said was just a shock for them.

During the ultrasound, the doctors began to call their colleagues and then they were told that they would have six children. In autumn six girls were born in this beautiful family. This was the first time in the world that all the children were healthy and survived.

The babies were born in England. Already in the eighth month of pregnancy, she had a cesarean section.

According to the father, all the girls survived although two were placed in an incubator. They had problems with the lungs. The mother and two daughters were in the hospital then for two months.

Finally, this family felt joy. They could not even sleep at night. All day they were playing with the babies, were changing a bunch of diapers per day.

Now these lovely girls are already 39 years old. They are all healthy and happy, they are friends with each other.

Many even have their own families, their children. Now that they are already adults, parents can finally take a break from all the trouble.

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