«It seems he is already tired of everything»: Alain Delon told his fans something that bothered the latter

The actor is disappointed in people because he sees only falsehood around him.🧐🧐

Probably there is not a single person who does not know and does not love the handsome actor Alain Delon. Recently in an interview, he decided to talk about his life.

During an interview, he publicly said that life does not give him any more benefits. According to him, he has seen a lot in his life, he has faced a lot of difficulties. Now he does not like what is happening around him at all because everything is false.

He wants respect in life. Lately according to the actor, many can’t even keep their word.

The actor said: «Every day there is only bad news around. I want to leave this world even without regret. I generally hate this era. I’m already tired of everything because in our times the most important thing in people’s lives is money».

«Until these times, people have experienced a lot of difficulties, and lost relatives and friends, so everything was real. Many were more romantic, they wanted to change everything for the better», fans commented.

«Of course, he is no longer that handsome man from whom all women went crazy. He has already lived to old age. You must say thank you to the Lord», «Well done, a pure conscience. Everything the actor says is correct», and «In order not to regret, one must live an interesting life. You have to work from morning to night and help all the defenseless», the fans added.

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