From Abandoned to Extravagant: The Inspiring Story of John, the Summer Instructor Who Transforms Three Neglected Planes into Luxurious Airbnb Homes

He decided to renovate three abandoned planes and turn them into Airbnb.🧐😍

A summer instructor named John decided to embark on an audacious venture.

He has a penchant for challenges and decides to buy abandoned planes and renovate them into interesting Airbnb homes.

He ran the summer school for 6 years but his passion and creativity made him decide to realize his idea. Of course, this is not only to provide students with luxury accommodation but also to provide an unforgettable experience for tourists.

It was very difficult to find the perfect planes for his idea. A few months later he managed to find a Boeing 727, DC-6, and Douglas DC-9.

The budget was ranging from 600,000 to 800,000 dollars. A large part of the budget was allocated to transporting planes to school. In order to show the world that people’s all dreams can come true.

He decided to work with a team of experienced professionals and was able to turn each plane into a living space. The plane had a separate entrance through the back stairs while the other two planes were converted into private apartments.

There were all the amenities: a kitchen, bathrooms, washing machines, dryers, and heated floor tiles.

The planes are connected to each other with bridges that will serve the use of students and visitors. They can spend the night in the summer school.

To make it even more extravagant there is a hot tub on one of the wings of the plane where tourists can relax and admire the breathtaking views. The transformation of one of the planes should be completed in June, the other two will be ready next winter. They have a cost of 200 to 700 dollars per night.

It would be cool if each of us could be in this beautiful place.

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