«They were always together and did not part»: these twins are already celebrating their 100th birthday

It’s hard to even imagine that these women recently celebrated their centenary.🥰

In general, it is not a secret for us that twins are always connected with each other. They get used to each other even before birth and it is clear that they are connected by invisible bonds throughout their lives.

They are so attached to each other that when one of them feels bad, the other also feels it even being in another place. Of course, they also share joyful moments.

Today the heroes of our story are the twins May Bell Powell and Mary Bell Roach. These women celebrated their 100th birthday.

“We have never parted in our lives, we have always been close to each other,” these sisters tell reporters.

These beautiful women have certainly gone through a lot of hard times in life but had very interesting lives. They love to reminisce about the past.

When they were young the country began the Great Depression.

«It was just a terrible time and we went through it all together», says one of them.

During these years the sisters were lucky, they went to state college, and even when studying they used their resemblance.

Mary remembers that her sister couldn’t even hit the ball, so she passed the standards instead of her sister, and her sister helped her write an essay.

After college, they married classmates. Then they began to work as a teacher in the school of their native city. Their story won millions of hearts. Then they lived in the same room to be there if one of them needed help in the middle of the night.

They live together for 100 years and of course, during these years people can go through a lot of difficult things. But these women don’t even think about it.

«We are together from birth and never parted. All we have is love and care for each other».

«I need her all time», says one of the sisters. “We live a wonderful life”.

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