«Their love after 68 years»: a beautiful photoshoot of an elderly couple won millions of hearts

They decided to organize all this right on the farm where the couple lives.🥰

They are a wonderful couple who lives in Kentucky. They’re celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary. Their beautiful granddaughter decided to give her grandparents a lovely touching gift.

Granddaughter decided for grandma and grandpa to arrange a photo shoot with a professional photographer. They took these beautiful photos on the farm where they live.

«They are the sweetest grandparents in the world. My gift was from the heart and it seems that it was the perfect idea. For me it is important to see my family happy», said the granddaughter.

At first, they were a little shy. When the photographer appeared, it was a surprise for them. But after a while, they began to pose without hesitation.

The result was wonderful. These photos prove that true love exists and never gets old.

According to the photographer, the man kept saying that he loved his woman very much. He said that for 68 years they had never been separated and had never quarreled for even a day.

The granddaughter posted all the photos on social networks that got a lot of shares.

Under the post, the photographer wrote: «There were very rare photo shoots after which I sat and thought what wonderful photos I got. I really love my job».

The photos were very sincere and touching. They showed the real feelings of a couple. For them, it was a precious gift from their granddaughter.

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