«Once a little mom is now happy»: this girl got pregnant at 13 and this is how mom and daughter live now

Looking at her, few would guess that she has a two-year-old daughter.🧐🥰

The girl’s name is Kennedy, now she is 16 years old. Others at that age play, some think about toys, as their favorite activities. This is a cute teen girl who goes in for sports, studies well, have faithful friends and a boyfriend.

Seeing this girl, it’s hard to guess that she has a two-year-old daughter. She became pregnant at the age of 13, which was just a shock for her.

She couldn’t even tell her family about it at that time. When she told about this news her classmates even didn’t want to chat with her.

But with the help of true friends and a perfect family, she lived through these difficult days.

The girl’s mother was alone and raised five children. This news, of course, was difficult to accept and it was very unexpected.

The woman did not even think that her daughter would become a mother at that age. However, she, of course, supported her daughter, and her brothers and sisters also supported her.

Many of her friends decided to leave her alone. But for the girl it was unbearable. She was transferred to another school

The girl says that she was under pressure from the public. She thought about giving up her child for adoption. But two years later, the girl considers herself the happiest mother in the world.

Now the girl is 16 years old, she is studying. She plans to get a higher education but she claims that she always remembers that she is a mother first of all.

The young mother is grateful to her family and her true friends for not leaving her at that time. Of course, she went through terrible times, but now she is happy.

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