«Everything became known after the divorce»: Shakira’s novel became known a year after the divorce

This new romance is certainly not an attempt to make an ex jealous.🧐🧐

It’s not a secret for anyone that after 11 years of their relationship, Shakira broke up with Gerard Piqué. It’s hard to believe that a year later she entered into a new relationship again with a new man.

Tom Cruise was very happy that he met Shakira. But it looks like Lewis Hamilton managed to win the heart of Shakira.

They met in a restaurant in Miami. They have a common photo in which he put his hand on the star’s waist. Of course, this can be only friendly gatherings.

According to insiders Lewis and Shakira are at that stage when they want to get to know each other better. «They always spend time together and of course flirt».

We are sure that this is not an attempt to cause jealousy at all she just wants to be happy.

Shakira has already used all the ways to annoy Gerard. Even if she does not have a serious relationship with Lewis, Shakira of course did a big step. Of course, she never talks about her husband with disgust.

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