Rescued Owl’s Hilarious Spa Experience: Wet Feathers and Disapproving Glare

He got a spa break but it’s like these treatments are not preferable for him.🤗🤗

For almost everyone, it is very pleasant to go for a spa break. Each of us can enjoy a massage with relaxing music that greatly relaxes our tensioned bodies.

However, we cannot say the same about the rescued owl.

The owl got a spa break but it turned out that he didn’t like these procedures. His huge angry eyes said about it.

This owl was found in New Zealand and it turned out that he was sick. He had bacteria that damaged his skin and plumage.

The center staff decided to take him for a bubble bath. The staff tried to do everything for this bird so that he was ready to go back into the wild.

They washed him with medical soap to remove bacteria. His skin was very oily and they would wash him at 40° so as not to damage him.

The funniest thing in this story is that this cute tiny owl did not feel good at all during the procedure.

The photos turned out quite interesting. He looked very funny with his wet plumage and big bright eyes.

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