«Rare picture that fans were waiting for»: the paparazzi were able to film Naomi’s daughter

The child’s face came into view at the supermodel’s 53rd birthday celebration.🤗

Naomi Campbell has been known for 2 years hiding the face of her daughter. But recently the paparazzi were able to film the grown daughter she was hiding.

Naomi, who is already 53 years old, became a mother 2 years ago and still has not shown her daughter’s face.

Several times the paparazzi wanted to take a picture of the girl, but there were pictures from the back in the press.

Finally, in May, the appearance of the child was revealed for the celebration of the 53rd anniversary of the model.

Naomi was in Cannes and decided to celebrate her birthday there. Her video of her going down the stairs with her daughter won millions of hearts of Internet users.

There you can clearly see the appearance of the child who is sitting in her mother’s arms. Internet users simply admired the cute sweet face of the girl.

She is very similar to her mother. She has big round eyes, a small nose, and plump lips. In addition, her daughter was at the party in a beautiful dress of beige color.

When the model noticed that they were being filmed, she covered her daughter’s face with her hand.

In 2021 Naomi surprised everyone when she told that she had a daughter. Naomi published photos of her daughter’s legs on her account.

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