«Children are already 14»: the world’s first octuplets are already celebrating their birthday with mom

Several dozen doctors and nurses took delivery at the same time.🤗

In 2009, a miracle happened, one woman from California became famous all over the world. She gave birth to eight wonderful babies at the same time.

For this miracle, Nadya received the name Octomama. The woman gave birth to six boys and two girls. They remained alive and all were healthy. They are already 14 years old.

Nadya always wanted to have children, but this did not happen in marriage. Then she suggested her husband try IVF. But her husband refused. That’s why a woman decided not to give up and broke up with her husband.

Beautiful babies were not Nadya’s first children. Before that, she already had six children. During artificial insemination, the doctor planted 12 embryos at once and the woman herself did not even imagine and became pregnant with a record number of children.

At 31 weeks she had a cesarean section. During childbirth, there are several dozen doctors and nurses there. To give birth to so many children at the same time, of course, is difficult.

The beautiful hero’s mother coped with all the difficulties. They recently turned 14 years old and they had fun in a friendly company.

In the photos it is difficult to notice Nadya she was simply lost among her children. In this touching and beautiful story, the surprising is that the mother is raising all 14 children. Although she did not imagine that she would have so many children, she is grateful for every one.

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