Tessa’s Precious Companion: The Endearing Story of a Dog and her Favorite Toy

The heroine of this story as a child used to play and sleep with a toy.🥰🥰😊

Everyone knows very well that children always like to hug their favorite toys and sleep with them like pillows. Perhaps this calms the children and they feel protected so they sleep very well.

There are a lot of pets that also have this unique habit. Nature created animals and people with the same character.

The heroine of our story, as a small child, got used to sleeping with her favorite banana toy.

The dog’s name is Tessa and she has been living in a loving and caring family for 20 years.

Family members already know very well that the toy is the most important thing in her life. This is her favorite toy for 5 years. They are inseparable.

Her owner brought this toy after she was attacked by the other dog. The toy is just an ordinary thing for everyone, but for this dog, the toy is the most special creature in the world.

According to the owner, the dog immediately took the toy as soon as she brought it home.

Now when a guest comes to them, she brings her toy to present. Even if she lies on the bed, she runs to the guests with a banana in her mouth to show her favorite «friend».

After the guests pet them both and praise them with nice words she can return to her place.

Now the dog is deaf, but family and friends and relatives of the family are already used to shouting «I liked your toy, Tessa».

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