«She’s not going to retire yet»: this 94-year-old elderly woman has been working at McDonald’s for 45 years

The woman got a job in a restaurant and has not changed jobs since then.🧐🥰

This woman’s name is Lorraine Maurer. She is from Indiana and she is 94 years old but she still works at McDonald’s.

In 1973, her husband quit his job because he was disabled and the woman began to look for work for herself. She worked not for money, but that she thought that they were too young to keep sitting at home.

Lorraine got a job and since then she has not changed her job. She started working at McDonald’s. Still, the woman continues to work in this company, she only changes restaurants. Lorraine does not even want to climb the career ladder or even retire.

The woman loves her job very much because she has great clients.

The woman has four children. She even has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Lorraine works 2 days a week. She has many clients who know her very well and love her very much. There are people who just especially come to the restaurant on those days when a woman works to chat with her.

The cashier even knows some families who are served only by this woman.

«My clients are the most important in my life. I travel with them, even going to baseball games. They are my true friends and not just clients. If a person likes his job, then he is happy like me. Perfect clients that’s why I still work».

Every time she thinks about retirement but she says she will miss her job.

«It’s not just a job for me, I enjoy every moment. Life is what you make it», she says. The owners also love the woman very much, even though they all congratulated her on her anniversary.

«She was amazing at the party tonight and we are celebrating 44 years of her work at McDonald’s. All I have to say is that we want to have a lot of employees like this woman. We are lucky to have her working with us», says the owner.

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