Breaking Stereotypes: Siamese Twins Choose Happiness Over Surgical Separation

To the surprise of everyone, in 2023 Siamese twins turned 22 years old.🧐🥹

These beautiful girls were born in Mexico. They are unique and different from other people. Now they live in the USA.

The doctors were sure they would not live long when they were born. Fortunately, the twins still live and all the predictions of specialists did not come true.

This year they turned 22. In modern medicine, many unique possibilities, and doctors have always offered these girls body separation surgery, but the girls do not agree.

We can confidently say that they live happily. One of the sisters is driving a car and the other is dating a young man with whom they will soon get married.

Besides they have decided to become veterinarians and are preparing to start training in this specialty.

Of course, in their life, there are many difficulties. The main is the selection of clothes. This problem is also solved. They have a neighbor who works as a tailor and offered them to sew custom-made outfits.

According to the girls, they feel each other’s emotions very well. The girls decided to share their story in order to help other Siamese twins.

«Many look at us with different eyes. They are sure that we are disabled and we are not like them. For example, they constantly ask us about our personal lives and how we go to the toilet and so on, but we are not just Siamese twins, we are ordinary people», says one of the sisters.

Of course, they get a lot of offensive questions and there are people that make bad comments on social networks. But the girls don’t want to pay attention to it and learn to see only the most beautiful in life.

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