The Unpredictable Journey of Parenthood: Twins Born with Down Syndrome Leave Doctors Astonished

Oddly enough, doctors did not notice any pathologies during pregnancy.🧐🥰

One day, a family was looking forward to having a baby. The couple had the most unusual twins in the world.

Finally, the twins were born and one of the babies was born with Down syndrome. It is a very rare case because during pregnancy the doctors did not notice any pathologies.

The baby who had Down syndrome was born 40 minutes earlier than her sister. When the doctors saw the girl, they could not even understand anything and even asked for forgiveness that they could not notice the pathology and did not warn the parents about it.

«I remember very well how the doctor apologized, but when I saw my children, I immediately fell in love. They were so cute. When I had an ultrasound scan during pregnancy, no one said about it», the mother of the kids said.

They didn’t have a very strong connection.

The younger girl even envies her sister because she has hair.

«Yes, yes my little girl is jealous. She has very soft fluff on her head and the other girl already has a chestnut ponytail. In addition, she began to smile earlier than the other one», told the mother.

How many children with Down syndrome and the girls were also born with a heart defect. When she is six years old, she will have an operation. Mother loves her babies very much and does not feel that they are different.

The mother of the girls says that others often look at the child and say bad things.

«Down syndrome for some reason people take negatively but this is very sad», the mother said. The girls also have a brother who always waited for the birth of his sisters.

In the UK there are about 40,000 people with Down syndrome but this case was unique.

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