«She broke all stereotypes about age and beauty»: the woman was able to become a model for 68 years

Beauty and aging have a relationship that sometimes goes together beautifully.😍

As it was always now fashion and beauty conquer millions of hearts but at the same time, it terrifies.

It all affects our lives even if we don’t want it at all. There is no escape from aging every person whether they want it or not becomes old.

Beauty and aging is a very complicated relationship but sometimes they sometimes look great together.

This woman from Brazil is known as Rose. She became a model at the age of 68. The woman always had good taste and her childhood was filled with creativity, she loved to draw and write poetry.

However, she could not have a good career because for a long time, she looked after her mother, who was sick and bedridden. Then she raised three children.

The woman left dreams and all her life she dedicated to the family. Years passed, but the woman’s life changed, and once she was offered to become a model.

Twice she received an invitation from the Mega modeling agency, then one photographer also invited her to be a model for a photo shoot.

She thought for a whole year then finally decided that she would try to be a model.

Several years passed and she became a successful model, she participates in shooting and even appears on the covers of magazines.

In order to look good, she goes in for sports and pays a lot of attention to skincare. She cares about mental health and is sure that this is the most important thing in a person.

«Of course, there are times when each of us wants to change something in our lives. In my opinion, the packaging is more important than the content», said Rosa.

She does not like any beauty standards, she believes that everything will definitely change for the better.

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