Extraordinary Birthday Request: 100-Year-Old Grandma Celebrates with Tattooed Fireman

For her birthday, the granny ordered an unusual gift.😳🧐🥹

It was very surprised when they found out that the old woman made a wish for a tattooed fireman with a cake to come to her birthday.

Grandmother has already passed 100 years, which is a joy for everyone.

On her birthday she ordered an absolutely incredible gift that surprised everyone. The woman lives in a nursing home.

This year for her birthday she wanted a fireman with tattoos to come and give her a birthday cake.

According to her, she didn’t even imagine that she would get what she wanted. Her dream came true.

A real fireman came to her with a cake in his hand and went into the room. He brought a cake «Victoria».

Both the cake and tattoos corresponded to the grandmother’s desire.

The boarding house employee says that Grandma has a very good sense of humor.

«Last year for her birthday she wanted us to climb a tree. She always tries to order something that we can’t do».

Happy birthday! We also wish this grandma to be healthy and again order something not special for the 106th anniversary.

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