«Before and after photo won millions of hearts»: father accompanied his daughter to school on the first and last day

Touching family photos melted the hearts of Internet users.🥹🥹❤️

An 18-year-old girl living in Texas posted a photo on social networks in which her father takes her to school on the last day.

With this photo, she posted another photo where her father accompanied her to school on her first day. These cute photos won millions of hearts.

She went to school on the last day and remembered how 13 years ago her father escorted his little daughter for the first time to school and found this old photo.

The same thing happened again 13 years later. The father was just delighted to see this old photo and he was glad that they recreated all this 13 years later.

«It was a very touching moment», the father said.

«I love my parents very much for the fact that they always helped me and were there», the girl said. Everyone loves this cute photo.

Tens of thousands of internet users liked this photo. Users especially liked the girl’s father.

«He has not changed at all. As young as 13 years ago», wrote one of the subscribers. «Looks like he even rejuvenated», wrote another user.

The girl announced that in a couple of months, she was leaving home for college and it was not known whether her father would go with her again on the first day.

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