A New Chapter: Unfinished Education Doesn’t Stop Man from Learning to Write

In search of a better life, he left for America without completing his education.🤗

When there was a time of isolation many even learned new skills. One man learned to write when he had to stay at home.

His niece helped him and he learned to write the first words. What he wrote at first were the names of his grandchildren.

He was born into a poor family and really wanted to live well and for this, he left for America without even finishing school.

All his life he worked a lot to feed himself and his family. But the isolation was that helped him start studying. The man was very pleased with his first results. He does everything that his niece tells him who is like a teacher before him.

Every day he learns to write new words and now he wants to learn other languages. The family of course is also very happy for grandfather.

His story won millions of hearts. Textbooks and books are sent to his home and now a man easily learns English and Spanish languages.

He is very happy and of course grateful to those people who did not remain indifferent to this story and really wanted to help him.

Soon he will be able to read books. It was something he couldn’t do before.

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