«It’s no secret that he is a generous person»: Keanu Reeves gives his colleagues incredibly expensive gifts

The actor’s college often talks about the kindness and generosity of Keanu Reeves.🥰🥰

Keanu Reeves is a very popular star all over the world. He has a huge salary of course but he likes to live like ordinary people. He does not have private jets or luxury outfits.

Everyone who works with the actor knows very well that he is a very kind and generous person. They all talk about spectacular gifts for which the actor spares no money.

He earned about 315 million dollars for a film. However, according to a friend, he feels a little uncomfortable because of his wealth.

«He always does good things for others. He acknowledges his luck and unlike many other celebrities they take it for granted», said an anonymous source.

Kind Keanu treats his colleagues very well whose salaries are of course less than his own. The actor gave each of the stuntmen a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Those who performed the dangerous stunts in the movie got watches. Of course, many people would dream of working with Keanu.

By the way, he spends a lot of money on charity. He donated 70 percent of his salary for filming the new part of «The Matrix» to the leukemia research fund.

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