When Music Captivates the Furry: Heartwarming Encounter between a Street Musician and Kittens

A street musician just sat playing the guitar and singing.😍🤗

After this story, we are well aware that not only people appreciate street musicians but also animals.

It seems that cute kittens also adore good music and they have a taste. They can also feel the music.

One day the musician just sat, played the guitar, and was singing. All passers-by didn’t stop and did not even look at the man.

People stopped only for a couple of seconds and then continued on their way. But of course, he did not lose his mood and decided to continue singing even without spectators and without gratitude.

Suddenly unique creatures came up to him. Listening to the sounds cute kittens came, sat down near him, and began with pleasure listening to the song.

After seeing that cats are sitting and listening to music with pleasure people immediately took off their phones and filmed it all on the camera.

It was a very unique and touching scene. The man became an Internet star. Of course, not all street musicians can be so famous on the Internet.

You can also see this cute scene. Enjoy and watch the cute kittens who decide to listen to this musician

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