Unraveling the Complexities: Halle Berry’s Journey to Happiness in Love

An affair with the father of the eldest daughter can hardly be called successful.🧐

Many people know the star Halle Berry well. Her fans understand that she is unhappy in her personal life and is unlucky with men.

The famous actress married three times which was unhappy.

She has not a happy romance with the father of her eldest daughter who is 15 years old.

She broke up with him. Aubry is trying to squeeze more money from her. They have issued joint custody.

Finally, after a lawsuit that dragged on for several years, the actress succeeded limit the claims of Aubry.

When the couple broke up, the star had to pay him 16,000 dollars by court order.

But this, of course, was not all, except for this amount, the actress was obliged to transfer 4.3% of all her income to Gabriel. The actress’s fee was an average of 10 million per film.

The actress of course thought that all this was unfair and started fighting in court. Fortunately, in 2021 she was able to reduce her monthly payments to $8,000.

Now she managed to cut the co-payments. The court decided that it is necessary to set a threshold for her payments. She will no longer transfer more than 109 additional thousand a year, no matter how much she earns in general.

Now the star has completed this process and enjoy her happiness. Almost 3 years ago in 2020, she met a man and finally, she is happy. Years before she did not even imagine that she could live so happily.

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